About Us

Down & Dirty CrossFit is a small town gym, located by the traffic light, in Grantsville, Utah. Down & Dirty members work hard to accomplish their goals of being fit for what life throws at them. Whether it be managing a house full of kids, running Spartan races, riding motor bikes or just being an overall badass! They come in and get it done at Down & Dirty CrossFit.

We train for GPP (General Physical Preparedness), so members can enjoy all aspects of their lives. We, at Down & Dirty CrossFit, want to help people not only be healthy, but be able to do the things they enjoy doing, outside the gym. If you have ever thought about trying CrossFit, but were too scared or intimidated by it, come on in and try a free class with us. Every workout can be modified to fit whatever fitness level you are at. Down & Dirty CrossFit can help get you fitter than you ever have been.

So sign up for your free class, today and come check us out. You’ll feel right at home with the friendly community that we have at our gym. Hope to see you soon!

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby.